Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Swimming in the Mediterran Sea

Today was a spectacular day as we drove an hour from Antalya up the coast a bit and climbed aboard a 35 passenger boat with a covered deck, actually two decks!  We went swimming in crystal clear blue warm but very salty water, so of course we could easily float!  We were served a lunch of fish, bread, salad and some other local food all prepared and cooked on the boat which had a crew of four.

We moved about cruising and witnessed other tour boats and fantastic scenery!  We stopped to swim off of the boat two more times!  The second time, the waves were I. Little swells ans we bombed along like sea otters.  In this cove there were warmer spots and we floated in them.  The last cove we went to was called Heavenly Cove and it was!

Off to bed now and we leave early in the am for about a9 hour trip to our next stop in Cappadocia.  We are there for three nights and on the Saturday very early we go hot air balloning,

Night all.

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  1. Hey Cindy, your trip sounds amazing! I am so happy all is going well. How is Sandra enjoying Turkey - say Hi from me. The cruise and swimming must have been relaxing. I am anticipating your hot air balloon ride! Can hardly wait to see your photographs! Take care. Love Me