Friday, September 28, 2012

What an Awesome Day!

We started the day at 5 am and met in the lobby after only a few hours sleep as yesterday was a long travel day! Off 16 of us went in a van about 30 minutes away on a hill to go hot air ballooning! We watched them fill up the balloons which was impressive and we had to climb over and into the basket compartments -4 with four in each.  Oh wow so. Cool!  It is like afire breathing dragon and we just glided through the air rather silently when he wasn't breathing his fire which we could feel!  I cannot describe the experience but it was awesome!  We were up for an hour and floated up and down at the. Beck and call of a light wind!  One of the men counted 77 balloons up there with us and he says there were more! Took lots of photos!  We landed in a field and our pilot Ismail gave us a certificate and had drinks and pretzels for us and photo ops!

Too tired will write about the rest of the day which ended at the Whirling Dervishes tomorrow.

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  1. That sounds so spectacular! 77 other balloons, that must have been a sight! *green with envy* Take care.